Sea Shepherd Iconic Jolly Roger Unisex T-shirt, Black

Sea Shepherd Iconic Jolly Roger Unisex T-shirt, Black

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Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger Oganic Cotton T-Shirt (Unisex, Black)

This is our most iconic T-shirt, as worn by the crew in the epic TV series 'Whale Wars". 

It features the Jolly Roger logo on the front breast and in large on the back of the T-shirt. The meaning of the logo is explained below by Capt. Paul Watson, the founder of Sea Shepherd.

"The Jolly Roger logo depicts a crossed shepherd's staff and Neptune's trident. Set into the skull is the yin yang symbol using a sperm whale and a dolphin. The shepherd's crook signifies that we are shepherds of the sea and the trident signifies that we fight for life in the sea. The skull represents the enemy of the sea (i.e. mankind) and the yin and yang with the dolphin and the whales means we must learn from the whales and dolphins how to live in harmony with the sea." – Captain Paul Watson

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