Since '77 - Unisex Retro T-Shirt - Light Charcoal/Bright Blue

Since '77 - Unisex Retro T-Shirt - Light Charcoal/Bright Blue

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For over 40 years Sea Shepherd volunteers have been putting themselves at the very forefront of saving ocean wildlife. From the Arctic to the Antarctic, our direct action has saved everything from sea cucumbers to the greatest of the great whales, and everything in between.

This retro-styled 100% Combed Organic Cotton T-Shirt celebrates these efforts. It features the former flagship vessel, the MV Steve Irwin against a stylised sunset. 

The right hand sleeve features the classic Sea Shepherd Logo, the predecessor to the infamous Jolly Roger. 

Ladies versions are available here:

As with all Sea Shepherd UK merchandise, 100% of the profits from the sale of this T-Shirt will be donated to the charity for use on our direct action campaigns.

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