"If The Oceans Die, We Die". Limited Edition Unisex T-Shirt in Black

"If The Oceans Die, We Die". Limited Edition Unisex T-Shirt in Black

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"If The Oceans Die, We Die"
Unisex T-Shirt in Black

"If The Oceans Die, We Die"

Capt. Paul Watson - Founder, Sea Shepherd

The ocean is the life support system for the planet, providing 50 percent of the oxygen we breathe and regulating climate. The ocean is also the pump that allows us to have fresh water. It is the driving force, along with the sun, of the global circulation system that transports water from the land to the sea to the atmosphere and back to the land again. Without healthy oceans, humanity will be wiped out. 

Our new limited edition T-Shirt depicts the now legendary Jolly Roger logo protected by the apex predators of the oceans, two sharks. They also feature a small Jolly Roger logo on the right sleeve with the words "Defend • Conserve • Protect" 

Available in the following styles/colours:
  • White with black ink
  • Black with white ink
  • Denim Blue with grey ink

Help Sea Shepherd to help us all by defending, conserving and protecting our most precious lifeline, the oceans. 

Ladies Version also available - Click here

Sizing Guide:

Size Chest Size
XS (Extra Small) 38" / 97cm
S (Small) 40" / 102cm
M (medium) 42" / 107cm
L (Large) 44" / 112cm
XL (Extra Large) 48" / 122cm
XXL (Double Extra Large) 50" / 127cm
100% Organic Product in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), produced from Indian Cotton, and certified by the Control Union and Soil Association Certifications